Offa's country

King Offa- a man who ruled yet worked with the Weslch nation to bring a modicum of calm to these wild lands.

His dyke is testament to the peace that reigned bwten the nations in the 9th century.

Its still wild land though- few settlements, many forts and deep vallesy and wild uplands

This holiday might have been called - Offa's Country - as the walking straddles the dyke which divided England and Wales in these remote borderlands.

Based in Montgomery- a real borderlands small town with its iconic castle- where from the ramparts you can see exactly where will walk.

So - walking in West Shropshire and East Powys, using the Dyke as a loactor, bringing these remote lands to life.

Join us for an adventure into the quiet lands- where time may have stood still, Fantastic scenery- lovely walking.


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What Others Said...

The guides were excellent. The walks were good and they were able to furnish supplementary information. Very customer oriented – absolutely an asset. : I enjoyed the walks and the people on the walks immensely

Catherine Curtis