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Secret Hills Walking and Short Breaks for Singles -  Loyalty Rewards Scheme

The following Loyalty Rewards scheme starts on 01/10/2015.

The Basis of the Loyalty Rewards Scheme.

Each client can earn one reward point for every pound spent with the above two companies, following the award of a gilet and with reservations after 01/10/2015.

The Start Point-  qualifying period.

The start point for earning rewards points is after the company has awarded a gilet, normally after three holidays with the company. Reward points are not accumulated before the award of a gilet, which is the first reward a client gets – and the start point for the Rewards Loyalty scheme.

The Scheme and how it works.

After the award of a gilet, the client will accumulate one point for every pound spent with the company, and these points can be redeemed against future holidays in the ways we describe below. These points will be known as rewards points.

How to claim reward points.

A record of accumulated points will be kept – but it is the job of clients to claim reward points at any time, against holidays that have been booked, or prior to booking new holidays. Secret Hills Walking will not suggest redeeming the reward points; all the prompting must come from the client.

Once reward points have been redeemed, those points will be deducted from the total accumulated by the client.

Start point for Claiming reward points.

The start point for claiming reward is 1000 points earned. Clients accumulate rewards points once the next holiday is booked after the award of a gilet –because of logistics – it’s the award that counts, not official presentation of the gilet, as it may not be possible to present the gilet exactly at the point of earning it.

Once a further 1000 points have been accumulated, then the client can begin to claim the rewards points and redeem these against future holidays reserved.

Table of reward points

The following table of reward applies:

1000 points - £100 loyalty reward- so each reward point is worth £0.10, or 10%

1500 points – £150 loyalty reward

2000 points - £200 loyalty reward

2500 points - £250 loyalty reward

3000 points - £300 loyalty reward

Methods of redeeming Loyalty Reward Points.

There are two ways of redeeming the Loyalty rewards:

Method One.

Take advantage of additional benefits available on Secret Hills Walking holidays such as:

- increase in room standard - ie to a sea-view room or a twin room for sole occupancy.

- reduced fee for an additional night/or a free additional night by taking reward points.

- reduction or removal of a European single supplement.

The above benefits have a cash value – so if an additional night is, say £80, then Secret Hills will award £80 to the holiday value, so that the client only has to pay the residual balance when completing the holiday payment transaction. Then 800 points will be deducted from the rewards points accumulated by the client.

Method Two.

The allocation of the reward can be redeemed from the price of a holiday the client has chosen. This works on the following basis.

- the client tells Secret Hills Walking that they wish to redeem points to  a certain value. Secret Hills will adjust the price of the holiday by that value and reflect that in the purchase price of the holiday, leaving a residual value that the client will now pay for the chosen holiday.

Special offers.

From time to time, Secret Hills Walking may circulate special offers – these offers will be specific, usually based upon newly-created holidays, and will not be part of the rewards scheme. The value of the special offer holiday does not accrue rewards points.

An example is here:

A client has accumulated 1500 points. On the chosen holiday – let’s say the holiday is worth £500 – the client asks that they redeem all the points that they have accumulated, then Secret Hills Walking will add £150 as a reward to its admin system – so the client only has to pay £350 when the final balance is due. The added reward will be shown on the website admin system so that when the client logs in to pay any balances, the reward will show and a reduced balance can be paid.

How much time has the client got to redeem their Reward points?

Reward points can only be redeemed by purchasing further holidays – they have no cash value other than when a holiday is booked and paid for. Secret Hills Walking will pay no cash value to any client in final settlement as this scheme is meant to reward loyalty in booking additional holidays.

Reward points can be redeemed at any time – there is no time limit set as to when they can be claimed.

Reward points can be claimed in as many portions or as a whole as the client wishes.

Rewards points are not transferable to any other client and can only be redeemed by the owner of them.

European Holidays managed by Secret Hills Walking but under the ATOL bonding scheme operated by New Experience Holidays.

When a client books a holiday through New Experience Holidays, and pays monies to that company, the reward points are still available, but only to the value of the basic holiday price – extra nights, flight supplements, additional transfers, single supplements are not included in the rewards scheme.

Secret Hills Walking will add these reward points earned on each European holiday to each client's rewards list.

In order to minimise financial transactions, Secret Hills Walking will pay the client the value of the rewards points  directly by cheque – this helps the business relationship between New Experience and Secret Hills, and does not affect issues such as tax, VAT, etc.

Husband/Wife/Partners – how the Rewards scheme operates.

For the purposes of this scheme – if a couple reserves a holiday together, then the reward points will be earned by each partner. They can therefore be taken when the partners reserve another holiday or if specifically asked for, can be redeemed against a holiday booked by one of them.


Nepal holidays.

No reward points are allocated to any Nepal holidays.

Changes to this Rewards scheme.

Secret Hills Walking Holidays reserve the right to change the basis of the rewards scheme at any time to reflect the effective running of the scheme, or to reflect improvements that may be made to the scheme over time.

Secret Hills Walking Holidays reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions and spirit of the scheme at any time and without prior notice. Notification of amendments will be published on the main websites of the business and notified in writing to each person qualifying for reward – normally by email.


In the creation of this rewards scheme, there has been a time lapse between the award of a gilet to individuals and holidays being booked before 01/10/15.

Secret Hills Walking will add a points value equivalent to the value of holidays booked between the award of the gilet and 01/10/15 – by agreement with the client, as a start point to each individual's reward scheme.

The Spirit of the Loyalty Rewards Scheme.

In designing this scheme, Secret Hills Walking have taken into consideration many issues. The key to our offering this scheme is a genuine desire, on behalf of the company, to reward those who are loyal to our business ideals and who are regular customers - that is the motivating logic behind the scheme.

We hope you all understand that the scheme may need to be modified as it begins to be used, based upon a sensible review of the operating process.

However the key spirit of the scheme is REWARD FOR LOYALTY - the over-arching criteria of a decision in any review procedure.





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