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Hard walking

Walking may be in moorland areas where you may cover long distances in remote countryside and the terrain will often be rough underfoot. In mountainous areas you will encounter some sustained ascents and descents and occasional sections of scree.

Ascents and descents will be between 400 and 600 metres but over about two hours where some of the gradient may be very steep,

In mountainous areas where you can expect rocky terrain and continuous ascents and descents. Walks may visit high summits and ridges, and you will need a good head for heights, and not suffer from vertigo. There may be some easy scrambling. 

Moderate Walking

Walks follow well-defined paths, though often in hilly or upland areas, usually up to 750 metres in height in the UK. In Europe we may take transport to a higher altitude.  Ascents and descents will be between 250 and 350 metres but over about two hours so the gradient is steady rather than very steep, and will require a reasonable level of fitness. 

In some areas we walk along undulating coastal footpaths, which may have short, steep descents and ascents

You will require a reasonable level of fitness to enable you to walk for about 6 hours, with several breaks and a lunch break. 

Easy walking

You’ll walk at a relaxed pace, often spending time at places of interest en route. Walking may not be continuous, with plenty of breaks along the way. There will not be a fast pace, but you may encounter some slight ascents and descents, though these will be taken slowly.

Walking for about 3 hours a day, but split into sections over the day. On some days walking may be done in one stretch but with plenty of breaks, this may facilitate the visiting programme planned for the day.

Walking experience isn’t necessary as distances are quite short and gradients generally easy.

However you will need the correct footwear and outdoor clothing as the countryside we walk in may have stony ground, and be slightly undulating.

Simply arrive and enjoy!

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What Others Said...

  Just got back home from a wonderful weekend of walking in the Malvern Hills with Mike and 5 fellow walkers.  I have to say what an amazing find you have made in Mike Smart. He is a gentle, caring, exceptionally knowledgable person who loves his job and the Hills he guided us through.  I think I could speak for the group in saying that Mike's guidance  and local knowledge made for an extremely pleasurable experience, and i hope to walk with him and Secret Hills again soon.Thanks, Alan, 'Smart Move":) Kind regards, David  

David Hornblow