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Slovenia's Splendid Mountains, gorges and lakes

Slovenia has marvellous alpine hill walking with stunning vistas of high snowy peaks, lakes and river valleys. Our solos guided walking holiday takes you over breathtaking ridges, and into beautiful valleys. Normally five hours walking, we grade the walks as moderate with some short strenuous stretches. An easier shorter option is available on each day.

Slovenia lies south of Austria and Italy and our walking in the Julian Alps is in the north of the country.

We base ourselves near Lake Bohinj, the largest of the Slovenian lakes. There are picturesque villages, with farming at the heart of the economy. There are alpine meadows to amble through, and fast flowing rivers, with a number of deep gorges – familiar to limestone alpine scenery.

Simply stunning alpine mountain scenery.

Slovenia – the country
Slovenia shares borders with Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Italy. It is one of the newer members of the EU, having joined in 2004.

The spectacular mountains in the Julian Alps are predominantly limestone, and their jagged form produce stunning vistas wherever you look. The area is softened by beautiful, tranquil lakes in the valley bottoms and also amongst the rocky crags. Deep gorges abound and the Alpine meadows are a real treat..

The country has a proud reputation for cleanliness, and self sufficiency – you will find many small allotments for vegetable and fruit growing in most gardens. The Slovenes are a welcoming people, friendly and outgoing. They want you to explore their superb countryside. Walking is a national hobby – why wouldn’t it be when there is so much grand scenery to explore. Their other national pastime is eating – and they have excellent Slovenian wine.

Walking is available from May to October in these hills, and temperatures can be hot in the valleys in July and August, though higher up cool breezes are a help. We walk in June and September – ideal temperatures. Ljubljana is the capital, and the airport is also near there, transfers to our hotel are about 60 minutes, but through wonderful scenery—a good way to whet you appetite for the days ahead. Lake Bled is 12 kilometres away.

The programme of walks
Five days walking during the week’s break, with one day as a rest day. Walking is moderate, we don’t rush the hills and ridges – talking, looking, learning about Slovenia – tend to slow the pace a little. We offer two grades of walk each day and a choice of which one to do every day.