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Madeira is an island of fascinating natural beauty and enticing climate. It is a paradise fore walkers and those seeking a relaxing holiday in close proximity to nature. Our solos guided walking holiday showcases the best that the island has to offer.

Madeira rises steeply from the Atlantic Ocean standing, with its small island neighbours, in splendid isolation off the coast of Europe and Africa.

An island of volcanic origin,  with a network of levadas, built to carry water from the springs in the north to irrigate the cultivated areas of the south contour along the mountain sides, their banks planted with wild hydrangeas, lilies and agapanthus.

Its mountains are rugged and inspiring often with splendid sea views. Gardens and parks are everywhere planted with all manner of exotic trees, shrubs and blooms

Not for nothing is it called the Garden island or the Pearl of the Atlantic.

A number of walks follow levadas gently down hil. The paths are generally of good quality with some uneven sections and also tunnels. They are a joy to walk along with the constant stream of water bubbling on one side and on the other, ever changing views of deep valleys and hillsides often with the sea in the background. Madeira is more than just levadas, offering dramatic cliff top walks along zig zag paths above the bubbling sea below and more challenging treks in the central mountain ranges. There is, however, plenty of easy terrain suitable for even the least experienced walker. Some walks, especially those which follow the levadas, do require a head for heights.